Over 20 years ago, I got a call from a colleague asking me to take a manager job for a new change management team that was forming within the IT organization.  Looking back, my first question “What is Change Management?” probably wasn’t an award-winning interview response.  

In the years since, I have learned what change management isn’t.  It isn’t letting a person know that they have been demoted when the new org chart is shared in a large group. It isn’t giving someone a new job but not training them. It isn’t merging teams with different bonus structures together but not having the funding to pay them equally for the same work. It isn’t letting the grapevine be the primary and most trust vehicle for communication. 

Organizations are complex.  There are too many ways to get it wrong.  What does it take to get it right?

Having worked on large scale business transformations and implemented corporate level change programs, I have learned a lot.  Those scars, stories, and avoidable missteps have shaped my beliefs and the processes and tools I use to get it closer to right.  

Change will never be perfect.  So long as we are still managing human beings, change will always be messy. But I also believe the change process can be respectful, clear and fair. I even believe that people can be empowered and get better through the process. 

I now coach leaders who are interested in a better way.  I help them get clear, create a sense of the future and change for GOOD!

This picture of my family was taken at the 2019 Iowa Girls State Softball Tournament.  (We won! State champs!)